What Is Body FX

by admin on May 5, 2013

What Is Body FX DirectEverybody keeps asking me, “What Is Body FX?”  I figured that I should just throw this page together instead of answering them all individually.  So, let’s get started with what Body FX is.

Body FX – The Company

Founded by James Kunitz, Body FX is a fitness focused company that combines 2 very powerful marketing styles in order to spread their message, and recruit reps, coaches and customers.  While the company may be new, James and his team are veterans in the fitness marketing world.  They are behind a variety of very successful products that have been marketed through infomercials.  The actual creation of the company was 3 years in the making.  Now, they are live, and taking the fitness world by storm!

What Is The Body FX Business Opportunity?

I mentioned before that theyjoin-body-fxare using 2 different marketing styles.  The first is infomercials, which James and his team are well experienced.  The other is one of, if not the most popular and effective form of marketing being used by companies today, network marketing.  Many people hear the term and think “pyramid scam”.  The truth is, network marketing is an extremely effective, legal, and profitable way to build a business.  Many people have bad opinions about it because they heard someone say something bad, or they “tried” something else and didn’t make money.  The problem is that most people simply don’t know how to build a network marketing business.  I do, and if you JOIN MY Body FX TEAM HERE, I will teach you!

Here is a QUICK “What IS Body FX” Video

join body fx here

That video talked to you a bit about Body FX and what it is. Now, what about the products? What about the compensation plan? Here is another great video that will answer those questions!

I am not sure what other questions you may have about Body FX, but if you have any, here are a few more resources to help you out.  If they still don’t answer your questions, CONTACT ME.

For a great Body FX Review - http://www.healthandwealthwithfx.com/body-fx-reviews/

To get signed up as a rep or a coach - http://coachmalone.bodyfxprelaunch.com/

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Joe Malone May 21, 2013 at 3:36 am

When it comes to fitness in the world, we need help! In the end, a healthy diet and exercise are what people need. We just need to find a way to convince them all of that.


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